New Year - New Blog

Hello World! (Read "Kimberly")

I'm kicking this year off with a flashback to my High School years... a Blog!

While writing this already feels like trying to walk after I had been in a body cast and bed ridden for 15 weeks, I'm sure my creative mind will spring back to full force in time. After all, this time I have more workout equipment than the relational and emotional walker of my xanga days. Now I have Beer Brewing, Biking, Vegetables and more!

My first project will be stretched out through several posts as I turn my newly aquired mini-fridge into a full fledge Kegerator! Before that however it will be used to cure our first Lager! It's going to be super! (Pictures to follow.)

For now, here's a fun video so celebrate the New Year!

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Kimberly Pye said...

Good to see you blogging again! I saw my name in my RSS and was all like "whaaa?" Then I remembered that the Figs In Winter guy is my bro! :) (I'll have to change the title in my RSS now...)

Looking forward to reading about your beery adventures -- and living vicariously through them! I think you can offer a lot of insight about several different things (namely beer, biking, and vegetables, among other things), and sharing that insight, even if it takes a while for someone to find your blog, is cool. I'm all about the free sharing of information.

Also, I like the video. It makes me feel all empowered and creative!