I'm doing this.

I'm going to make a difference in the lives of Children in Africa. I'm GOING to build a well...

Jesus turned water into wine, I'm going to turn wine into water!


Hygge Beer is back in action! Although taking it's form as "Hygge Wine"

Jesus turned water into into wine. It is now the mission statement of Hygge Beer / Wine to turn Wine into Water!

I'm brewing my first batch of wine tomorrow (Pear Apple) with the intent of branding, bottling and selling so that we can use the proceeds to build a Well in Africa!


Orange Bubbley

Over the past couple weeks I've been very disappointed with how many times I've thought "I should blog this!" then not done it because I didn't have my camera with me. (I feel photos are the key to a good post and don't want to rely solely on my words to express whatever awesome thing it is I've just done / learned.)

So when I finally got a full keg set up yesterday and began the process of making some homemade orange soda, I decided to go against my inner photographer and just use me cell phone. (Which has been horribly difficult to pull the photos off of!)

So here it is. The making of orange bubbley! (It really bubbles!)

Step 1: Buy some extract, or have it given to you by your parents who never got around to using it.

I later learned why they call it "Old Time Flavor"... it's because it's gross. There's a reason we use new ones today.

Step 2: Dissolve the extract (1 tablespoon per gallon of soda) in warm water along with lots and lots of sugar! In my case 4 cups to make 2 gallons.

I did mine on the stove to maintain a low heat since I didn't think tap water would stay warm enough to dissolve 4 cups of sugar.

Step 3: Put it in ya keg, bub!

This is really a picture of me closing the keg, but it's in there... I promise.

Step 4: Attach your Co2 and increase PSI to about 30.

Step 5: Follow the dirrections of this youtube video for about the length of the video...

Step 6: Wait. 

For 4 gallons it suggests that you wait 2 or 3 days. I had two gallons so I figured 24 hours would be fine... I made it 8 hours then tapped into it ;) Lower temperatures helps the force carbonation to occur, but I was afraid that it would freeze if I left it outside so I found the coolest room and left it there...

Step 7: Hook up your tap and pour yourself some sugary soda! 

Can you see the bubbles! Science is cool! Even when you don't really understand how it's working...

Like I said, this was only 8 hours at room temperature, so I'm sure the carbonation will improve. (Hopefully the flavor as well.) All in all though, it was a great success! Now I have to decide how long I'm going to allow it to sit in there and corrode my lines before I dump it and try some root beer! (A much more customizable beverage from what I read.)

I only have 4 weeks to play though because then Jim and mine's Pilsner Urquell clone will be done laggering and ready to find it's new home in my magical little cornie keg :)


New Year - New Blog

Hello World! (Read "Kimberly")

I'm kicking this year off with a flashback to my High School years... a Blog!

While writing this already feels like trying to walk after I had been in a body cast and bed ridden for 15 weeks, I'm sure my creative mind will spring back to full force in time. After all, this time I have more workout equipment than the relational and emotional walker of my xanga days. Now I have Beer Brewing, Biking, Vegetables and more!

My first project will be stretched out through several posts as I turn my newly aquired mini-fridge into a full fledge Kegerator! Before that however it will be used to cure our first Lager! It's going to be super! (Pictures to follow.)

For now, here's a fun video so celebrate the New Year!